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Guest Speaker Portal


Welcome to the Guest Speaker Portal for Scarlet Note! We are delighted and honored to have you join us in sharing the Word of God with our congregation. To ensure a seamless experience for you and our church members, we have compiled essential talking points and guidelines for your reference. Please take a moment to review this information and submit your sermon notes using the form provided below.

Talking Points for Speaking at Scarlet Note

  1. Church Vision and Mission: Familiarize yourself with our church's vision and mission, which focus on building a Christ-centered community, fostering spiritual growth, and reaching out to those in need. We encourage you to align your message with these core values.

  2. Sermon Duration: We kindly request that your sermon lasts between 30-40 minutes to maintain consistency in our service structure and allow adequate time for worship, announcements, and other essential elements.

  3. Practical Application: Help our congregation grow by providing practical, real-life applications of biblical principles. This approach ensures that attendees can easily connect with your message and apply it to their daily lives.

  4. Engagement and Interaction: Encourage audience participation and engagement during your sermon by asking questions, sharing personal anecdotes, and creating opportunities for reflection.

Guest Speaker Sermon Submission Form:

Please complete the form below to submit your sermon notes and any additional materials (such as PowerPoint presentations, videos, or handouts) you would like to use during your message at Scarlet Note. This information will help our team prepare for your visit and ensure that all technical aspects are in place; for any further questions, email

Upload File

Thank you for taking the time to review these guidelines and submit your materials. We look forward to your visit and are confident that your message will be a blessing to our congregation.

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